The Castle of Castagneto, Bolgheri and the great wines of the Tuscan coast

Day 1 – Thursday

Our exclusive tour of Castagneto begins in mid-afternoon with an Urban Trekking in the footsteps of Giosuè Carducci, a walk through the history of the medieval village. Accompanied by local experts who will illustrate the historical and cultural aspects, but also anecdotes, legends and curiosities. But, above all, they will immerse you in the life of the past, in an unusual atmosphere compared to normal guided tours, precisely because the attention is not focused only on the notion but on the soul of a place. After visiting some of the artisan businesses of the village including the historic Liquorificio Borsi and the well-known tailoring art and fashion, we enter the Castle of Castagneto from the parish church of San Lorenzo for an exclusive private visit.

Built in the year one thousand, the Castle of Castagneto has belonged to the Della Gherardesca family for 34 generations. Inside are preserved the memories of the family and the kinship with the great protagonists of the past: the Emperors of Swabia, the Gonzaga, the Appiani, the Medici, the Orsini and the Salviati

The Castle, at the highest and most enchanting point of the town of Castagneto, overlooks a hill overlooking the Tyrrhenian Sea and enjoys the wonderful view of one of the most enchanting landscapes of the Maremma.

From its terraces, on clear days, you can see the Island of Elba, Capraia, Corsica and the Gorgona. Our tour includes a visit to the exterior of the castle and some internal rooms and ends on the terrace of the castle for an aperitif overlooking the Tuscan Archipelago, a unique experience for our guests. Dinner at the Osteria del Tasso, the restaurant recently opened by the Antinori family within the historic Bolgheri estate.

Day 2 – Friday

A day dedicated to discovering the wines and flavors of Bolgheri-Sassicaia Doc, one of the most famous wine-growing areas in the world. The first suggested stop is the medieval town of Bolgheri, a beautiful village historically belonging to the Della Gherardesca family and also known for the famous “Viale dei Cipressi”, the avenue with the wonderful historical cypresses praised in the famous poem by Giosué Carducci “Davanti a San Guido “. In the middle of the morning we visit the historic cellar of Le Macchiole, after a visit to the vineyard, there will be a tasting of a selection of wines from this historic Bolgheri company. Today’s lunch is scheduled in the Enoteca in Bolgheri, in the beautiful rooms located inside the Bolgheri Castle with two great wines by the glass paired with today’s menu including Sassicaia.

Free afternoon and dinner.

Day 3 – Saturday

We continue the Bolgheri tour with a visit to Michele Satta’s winery.The tour begins with a story that runs through the story of Michele, his family and his adventure as a wine producer. It continues with the description of the grapes, the seasonal specificities of the vineyard, the characteristics of the land in the area.

This will be followed by a visit to the historic cellar carved into the rock, where the guest can enter the heart of the company with an exclusive tasting of wines taken directly from the barrels. Finally, pleasantly seated on the panoramic terrace, there is a tasting of all the company’s Superior wines including the latest “Marianova”, the result of the selection of the Vignanova grapes, the company’s excellent vineyard.

Lunch in an Osteria along the Bolgheri road with a selection of appetizers with zero-kilometer products and meats combined with some new labels from Bolgheri, new producers who have distinguished themselves in recent years among the novelties in the Italian wine scene.

Free afternoon.

Dinner tonight is organized in the historic restaurant Da Ugo with a traditional menu including: Tagliatelle al colombaccio and the famous chestnut boar head, a unique dish of its kind that goes perfectly with the great Bolgheri Doc Superiori that will be served. in combination with the menu.

Day 4 – Breakfast and departure

Tariffe e programma definitivo su richiesta

Castagneto Castle

A unique and exclusive visiting experience in the area between Bolgheri and Castagneto Carducci. An opportunity to visit the private residence of the Della Gherardesca family, the Castle of Castagneto, continuously inhabited for 34 generations. During our stay we will also visit some historic Bolgheri Doc cellars and taste the great wines of Bolgheri. A stay for food and wine lovers and connoisseurs to discover the great traditional dishes and super Tuscan wines.

Included in the exclusive package:

Visit and wine tasting including superiors in the following wineries:

Le Macchiole
Michele Satta
Dinner in a typical restaurant in Castagneto Carducci and at the Osteria del Tasso.

Visit and tasting of liqueurs produced following some historical recipes

Lunches in the Enoteca in Bolgheri and Osteria on the Bolgheri road

Private guided tour of Castagneto Carducci and the Carducci museums

Private visit of the Castle of Castagneto Carducci and aperitif on the panoramic terrace

Three nights in the Panorama Suite with minibar included and breakfast served in the room

The Castle of Castagneto, Bolgheri and the great wines of the Tuscan coast