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Living the Etruscan Coast is a unique opportunity to savor all those elements that make Maremma a land that is both sour and sweet. A coastline characterized by the intensity of nature and its colors, from paradisiacal beaches and ancient history.

It is a land where in every season it is easy to choose, for this reason it is different.

The Etruscan Coast includes the entire continental territory of the province of Leghorn.

It is so named for the numerous Etruscan necropolis that can be found mainly between the Gulf of Baratti and Populonia, which was originally the only Etruscan city built along the coastal strip; the name has been extended subsequently to the entire coast of the province of Leghorn, largely corresponding to the Northern part of Maremma (the ancient Maremma pisana).


By horse drawn carriage on the Bolgheri Doc

An experience in the slow rhythm of nature, a fascinating journey through the flavors and scents of past times where we will discover the territory of the Bolgheri Doc. Secular olive groves that with their dark green foliage blend with the expanses of bright green of the vines, the worked land that is prepared to welcome the new plants and the fruits that with their color change are preparing to be harvested, they remind the traveler that it always takes time to get a quality product … ..  The sun just before twilight, gently illuminates and reflects on the roofs and mirrors of water, bringing with it the magic of dusk. The carriage ride will change your point of view as it did for nobles, counts, marquises, poets, musicians and travelers


The flavors of tradition

A day among medieval villages, famous wineries and “Made in Italy” excellences.  A tour to discover the cultural and traditional gems of the Etruscan Coast, with some fantastic experiences and activity programs. An opportunity to taste some of the excellent local products such as olive oil, great wines, fantastic organic cheeses, some of the best traditional dishes.  Finally, an opportunity to visit pretty villages nestled between the hills and the sea, where the lifestyle refers to the past, with a rich heritage centered on incredible regional specialties, nature and many other Made in Italy excellences.

A limpid sea, with colors that fade from emerald green to deep blue, awarded with the Blue Flag of the European Union.

A nature that is not just a frame, but the essence of this land where there are thick pine forests, woods and a countryside full of colors and scents.

The history that lives in the medieval villages such as Bolgheri, Castagneto Carducci, Bibbona, Populonia, Suvereto and Campiglia Marittima, real jewels that rise in the green hills and woods near the sea.

The spas that offer a double opportunity: health care, wellness and relaxation holidays. A stone’s throw from the sea and the medieval villages, the spas of Venturina (sulphate-calcium-magnesium-bicarbonate waters) offer health as well aspsycho-physical wellbeing treatments.


Discovering the places of Carducci – Urban Trekking and the Castle of Castagneto

An urban trek to discover the places of Carducci in Castagneto, from the small House Museum to the Archive Museum. A path that will also lead us to discover some craft activities of the village, local traditions and to learn about anecdotes and stories related to the Carducci village. The visit will end at the Castle of Castagneto, the residence of the Della Gherardesca family for 34 generations


Inside wine and food experience

A weekend for lovers and connoisseurs of great wines. An opportunity to meet and get to know famous producers of the Bolgheri Doc and Val di Cornia, to learn the production techniques, the history and the latest trends in one of the most famous wine production areas in the world.  The activity programs include visits to the cellars, visits to the vineyard with the agronomist or simply a tasting with sommelier and private dinners with the producer or expert oenologists and agronomists. An opportunity to taste some great Bolgheri wines together with traditional menus and discover the flavors and aromas that only a noble land can reserve


In a horse drawn carriage inside the Casadei Estate in Suvereto

You will visit the Estate in a carriage pulled by Ursula, Dinette and Ulysses. The workhorses, which help in the activities in the vineyard, will accompany you along the various didactic stages in which you will learn how the Biointegral philosophy characterizes all the company’s choices. The guided tour will continue in the cellar, in the amphoraia and in the evocative barrique cellar, to discover the fermentation and aging processes, and then end in the tasting room